Our next event on 18th November is a performance by Serious Sam Barrett. 
Sam is a hard-touring folk and country singer and a bit of a skateboarding legend.  Limited tickets are available through the UpCo shop
Enjoy a 'night at the opera' with Ullalele on 19th November
Ullalele are a progressive ukulele rock quartet who take 19th century scientific romances and re-interpret them as ukulele operas. Their name was inspired by the haunting call of H G Wells' Martians – uuuulaaaa – which became Ullalele, who are the only purveyors of Steamplunk – a unique musical genre combining steampunk and the thrilling sound of ukuleles, vocals and electronica.

UpCo's monthly 'typeRIGHT' evening continues (check here for upcoming dates). 'typeRIGHT' is a monthly typewriter club born of an obsession with these wonderful machines. There’s something about the physical endeavour involved in typing; real words, real paper and real people. Come along and tap out a few words to an old friend, or release the inner novelist in you! Best sellers, best friends, they all need words. Paper, typewriters and envelopes provided, just bring your imagination – see flyer below.