"Whatever we believe about how we got to be the extraordinary creatures we are today is far less important than bringing our intellect to bear on how do we get together now around the world and get out of the mess that we've made. That's the key thing now. Never mind how we got to be who we are."

(Jane Goodall)


Here's the story (in a nutshell). We spent around a year searching for studio / writing space in or around Otley, West Yorkshire. Everything we looked at was either grubby and damp or massively expensive (or both). So a group of us thought, 'why don't we find a space and turn it into affordable studio and workspaces?' So that's what we did. Who are we?

Casey Orr - Photographer

Josh Sutton - Writer/Illustrator/Publisher (Red Fez Books)

Boff Whalley - Songwriter/Musician/Author & Playwright

Several months of painting, cleaning and building dividing walls later and the place was looking much better. That was around two years ago – we now have four studio spaces, a large storage area, a small kitchen and an upstairs room ready to hire out for classes/workshops.
The upstairs room dimensions are 9.5 metres x 7.5 metres. It has a PA, toilet and sink but is not wheelchair-accessible. We hold small, semi-regular music concerts and all sorts of exhibitions and events – basically, we put on stuff we like and stuff that we think others around here would like, too. 

Red Fez Books studio

Entrance window

Casey studio